Wednesday, April 20, 2011


you are TWEEK. tweek has psycho issues. he lives off of caffeine and is extremely jumpy. tweek is very paranoid and talks very quickly. tweek is someone that is known as a fatalist, or someone that always thinks that something is after them. he is also friends with the boys after they needed another friend and decided that butters wasnt good enough, but he still plays a key role anyways. you relate to tweek because you are prolly very insecure. you get nervouse easily and you dont like things that you dont know. you prolly feel very small a lot and have a lot of different little fears. you are prolly tired often and sometimes let a lot of things get in the way of your happiness. you have your own workd tho, and no one really understands who you are. you jsut do what everyone else does a lot of times so that you dont feel at risk. yeah so youre a lil wierd...haha its ok!
tweek is CrAzY...:)

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