Monday, March 14, 2011

Bored random story part

"hey look over there." Kyle said pointing to his friend in the orange parka. "Dude, what? It's just Kenny." Stan said still looking over to where he was pointing. He saw Kenny, but he wasn't alone. He was standing beside Tweek. "Dude, Since when does Kenny talk to anyone from Craig's gang?" Kyle said, getting ready to question all that must be known, something he had done since grade school. Stan sighed. "I dunno, it doesn't bother me. Let him talk to other people, ya know? Besides, at least It isn't Craig." Kyle frowned. "There's nothing wrong with Craig. Infact, he's cool!" he shot back. "Dude, fine what ever!." The two began to argue, and soon Kenny and Tweek walked over. "What's wrong guys?" Kenny asked frowning. "GAH! uh.. uh .. w-why?" Tweek managed to twtch out. "Don't worry. It's nothing." And the walked away, not looking at each other. Tweek turned a nervous glance at Kenny. "D-d-don't you-u think there's something wrong-g?"

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