Thursday, March 10, 2011

Who is the next Alice?

Once apon a time there was a Alice,
Her color was black
She would sit along and watch the clouds soar over wonderland.
She tried to cover her insanity
But It was too much
She went insane laughing at herself
with a twisted smile, she was locked away
for people feared her maniac ways.
Then a second Alice came along,
His color was white.
He felt alone in wonderland.
The only companion was a delicate flower
When the flower began to wilt,
so did he.
He became mad as his peace fell,
like the flowers petals one by one.
Then a third alice came,
Her color was blue.
she tried her best to be queen
but her efforts failed
She tried to please everyone but failed too soon
In her madnesss the night took over
not to be so kind.
The fourth alice was next,
Her color was red.
She didn't like the way people thought of her.
She left a trail of anger through out her travels
until she had none left.
Now who is the next alice to visit wonderland?

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